The Obligatory About Me Stuff

I coach digital agencies and help them figure out how to make their business run more smoothly and with more profit. I started as a freelancer in 1999 and evolved into an agency owner when I decided to go full time in 2009. I made mistakes and learned some lessons the hard way and then I got smart and I got help through coaching and training programs that changed my business - and eventually changed my career. I started coaching in 2016 and quickly realized that was where I wanted to be. 

Coaching is the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my career and helping people who are in my own “tribe” is what gets me out of bed every day. Ours is an amazing community, and I’m so grateful that I get to give back and help the people around me succeed.

My vision as a coach is this: I want to create a world where digital creative freelancers and agency owners have a structure and tools for moving their businesses forward and can set up their agency to allow them to live their best life.

I’m tired of seeing people in our community working too many hours, not making enough money, and struggling to move their business forward. 

Aren’t you?

Then let’s start making some changes.

Why The Name?

I think it’s funny. I mean there are a bunch of Pete Perrys out there apparently. One guy is from England and looks like Martin Van Buren (the 8th US President) and another who is some sort of political activist in Washington, DC. Then there’s the dude who played college basketball and another who works for Morgan Stanley, and yet another who played the “town drunk” in a movie that no one has ever heard of. (And while I have been in a movie, that wasn't me.)

So yeah - there’s no way I’m getting “” right?


So I wanted everyone to know that I was THAT Pete Perry. The one you’re really looking for.