Coaching Sprints

On your mark. Get set. Go.

One of the most effective things you can do in your business and in your life is to have razor sharp focus on a goal you're trying to reach. It's difficult to maintain that focus, especially on your own. And it's difficult to maintain it for a long period.

So I've put together two Coaching Sprints that have helped my clients achieve their goals. One is very specific, and one is a bit more general. Depends on what you need right now.

Both are limited engagements of 3 months and both are one-on-one intensely focused sprints.

Let's see what you and I can do in three months - and my guarantee to you is that if we don't get done in 3 months we'll continue to work together (at no additional charge of course) until we hit that goal.

The Profit Sprint

In this sprint we're going to hit a 15% increase in your profit. I've been able to help my clients exceed this goal time and again, but it does take discipline, a gameplan, and accountability.

We will dive deep into your numbers and look for easy quick wins first, then we'll concentrate on the harder tasks to get more money in your pocket.

The Goal Sprint

In the Kickoff Meeting for this Coaching Sprint we will work together to refine and define the goal you're trying to achieve. I have a propriatary framework I use with my clients (it's called AIM SMART) that will set you up for success. And then, as with the other Coaching Sprints, you'll learn the frameworks you need to get it done!

Here's how both Coaching Sprints work:

Kickoff Meeting
Our initial meeting will be to review your numbers (Revenue, Cost Of Goods Sold, Expenses, and Profit). We will also discuss your team, your operations, and your sales and products/services. From this conversation we will develop a step by step plan unique to your business that we will execute over the next 3 months.

Follow Up Meetings
Every week we will meet for 15-30 minutes to keep you on track, set new weekly goals and milestones, and hold you accountable.

You'll learn my frameworks for scheduling your day, prioritizing, delegating, saving time each day and setting boudaries. You'll also learn other frameworks as needed that will help you with sales, team, operations, communication, and productizing.

You will have direct one-on-one access to me on Slack and will report to me daily with wins, progress, speedbumps, traps, and gotchas that I will help you overcome or avoid. I'll also use this connection to nudge you along, encourage you, and correct your path when needed.