Group Coaching

The MicroAgency Academy

Let me introduce you to The MicroAgency Academy brought to you by GoWP, Chris Lema, and me, Pete Perry.

Tired of feeling like you're not getting anywhere? Or that you are working on the wrong things?

Working too many hours - and all hours of the day - including weekends?

Let's fix this.

I'm proud to have teamed up with these amazing people to help bring you a training and coaching program that is specifically for freelancers and small agencies. We help people who are looking to take the steps to increase cashflow, grow a great team, and turn their business into a well-oiled machine.

pete and chris

How does it work, you ask?

The MicroAgency Academy contains training programs and frameworks from Chris Lema and Pete Perry that will show you how to handle the different aspects of running an agency. You'll get the skills and tools you need to improve sales, cashflow, processes, and build a great team and culture.

You won't be alone on this journey. You'll be part of a great, private community of your peers. People you can lean into and learn from. Building a bond with people in your "tribe" always proves to be one of the most important aspects of these kinds of programs.

And then there's the coaching. This is a Group Coaching program where you'll join me on coaching calls with other people in our community to dive into specifics of the training programs, and to get help where you're stuck. And I'll be online daily in our private community space, answering your questions, pointing you to solutions, pushing you, and holding you accountable.

Is this right for me?

Yup, I can literally hear you asking that.

This program is right for you if you are a freelancer or small agency owner that is tired of the way things are working (or are not) and ready for some changes and growth. Ready to bust thru 6 figures? Ready to hit $250k? Ready to have a team that does the client work so you can focus on growing the business? Ready to stop working weekends and all hours of the day? Ready to belong to an amazing community of awesome business owners fighting the good fight?

Then yes, this is indeed right for you.

MicroAgency Academy  Specifics

OK, here's how it works

The Academy is a Six Month Program that consists of:

  • Training Videos that are based on a curriculum of what small agencies need to succeed.
  • Resources such as worksheets and scripts that relate to the training program
  • Group Coaching Calls every other week 
  • Monthly Webinar featuring a guest speaker or a deep dive into a specific training topic
  • Community of peers for accountability, friendship, collaboration, and abundance.
  • Access to Pete Perry in the Community Space to ask questions and get help.
  • OPTION to apply for to Private 1-on-1 Coaching with Pete or Chris. (need to qualifiy).
  • OPTIONS to continue the program on a month-to-month basis after initial 6 months.
  • Lifetime access your training courses and resources.

This is exactly what you need - let's do this.