I am not your guru.

With a nod to Tony Robbins for this title, I wanted to do an introductory article on who I am and how I do things.

I’m no guru. I work hard, and I have a few “superpowers”, but guru I’m not. A “guru” in the coaching world is someone who stands out in front of their business, prominently in all of the marketing materials. There’s usually a still photo on stage or in front of his shiny new car. My favorites are the ads that say something like: “You too can go from freelancer to flying in a private jet with a beautiful woman at your side!”  (note: they rented the plane just for the photoshoot and they hired a model). He (and yes, it is almost always a “he”) usually comes across as someone who has all of the answers. He may even guarantee that he does. 

I’m not that guy. I never will be.

I’m a business coach that can look at your business from 30 thousand feet (no, not from my private jet), ask you the hard questions about where you are and where you want to go, and then help you think through how to get there. How do I do this? I pull from many years of experience running a software company and then a web/marketing business – followed by several years coaching freelancers and digital marketing agencies.

I have been told that my superpower is being able to simplify things. I look at what someone else is swimming around in, or overwhelmed with. I can usually give them a simplified view and make suggestions for how to stop swimming in circles and get shit done. 

I guess my Marvel superhero name would be Simpleman – but no. Let’s not do that. Let’s go with Clarity Guy. Yeah.. I like that! Clarity Guy.

And as far as the guarantees those gurus like to spout – I won’t be doing that. 

That’s the only guarantee I will make: I guarantee that I won’t be giving you a guarantee that anything will work or that you will find success. No one can make those guarantees because this shit, while it can be clarified and simplified and certainly can be done, is still hard work. There’s no magic pill that will grow your agency from $90k a year to $90k a month. It can be done, and I’ve helped people do it – but I can’t guarantee you’re going to be one of them. 

We can try though. 

We can try hard, if that’s what you want.

So that’s the nutshell. I’m looking forward to continuing to help people in my tribe. Coach them through their challenges and roadblocks. Help them hit their MAGs (my term: Massive Action GoalsTM) and strike a balance in their life and business.

I mean, that’s the reason they decided to NOT work in a cubicle and start their own business in the first place. Right?

So if you’re looking for a guru – look elsewhere. If you’re looking for Clarity Guy, I can help.

Reach out when you’re ready.