Run. Go. Right Now.

Most of you will start singing along…

…And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun…

~ Time – Pink Floyd

A couple months ago I heard of someone around my age dying young and suddenly. I’ve known a few of those cases over the years of course – as you get older – well – it happens.

And as I was thinking about this person, pulling into the parking lot of the gym, the song above came on my radio. I sat there and listened. And then I pulled it up on my phone and listened again. 

I texted my wife the lyrics above and followed it with:

“Let’s not drag our feet and let “10 years get behind us” and “miss the starting gun.” I’m disappointed I didn’t start years ago. We’d be done by now.”

I was, in my mind, hearing the “echo” of that starting gun. One that actually sounded years ago but I didn’t think we could really run that race at the time. I ran other races instead, and some I won, some I didn’t, and some I’m still running. But that one – missed it. Until now: It turns out I was wrong. It was and is a “race” I can actually run. 

Ok, metaphor over.

A year ago I took a leap and sold my business and quit my “side job” to start my own coaching business. It took me a couple months to make that leap, and I had to line a few things up, and frankly: I was scared to death. At first I let the voices get to me – the outside voices from others, plus that little imposter syndrome voice in my head. But I told all those voices to piss off and I did it and I promise you I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled with a career decision. And now that move has helped me prepare for the next. Funny how that works isn’t it?

I think we all know that it isn’t just something people say: Life really IS short and if you don’t jump on something, then it won’t happen.

What is it for you? What dream or goal have you often said “we should do that one day” – or “if it wasn’t for [fill in the blank] then I would do [that thing you want to do]?” 

I’m not necessarily talking about something career oriented. In fact I would say if your career is involved in this, it’s only as a tool or vehicle for getting you to the actual dream. 

So what’s your big dream? Want to retire early? Want to live on the beach? Looking to move to Italy? Own your dream home? Have kids? Do something completely outside the box? Something that takes courage and a bit of hard work? Something that is “Important” but “Not Urgent” – so it’s easy to put it off?

Because I’m sure you’re curious, I’ll tell you this: my dream is something that takes a couple years to execute. I want to get my Dual Citizenship in Italy, and live there at least part of the year. In the past I put it off thinking “that’s too hard so I’ll look into it later”. But obviously that’s not how it works. You can’t put it off – you have to just take the leap. No one is going to leap for you.

So this is your time.
This is your starting gun. 
I’m telling you when to run.
Right. Now.