What is ThatMastermind?

I guess we should start by defining a Mastermind.

A Mastermind is a small group of people with similar experience, goals, and values who get together on a regular basis to try to solve each other's problems. It is a peer support-group that provides a safe space for brainstorming and problem solving.

My mastermind program starts with that premise, and adds an expereinced coach to help facilitate and coach through the process.

ThatMastermind is run bi-weekly and will sometimes have a topic, and sometimes just be an open discussion for anyone to bring up their issue for the "hive mind" to tackle. I make sure each group has a balance of people from all levels of experience, so everyone has peers, and also has mentors within the group.

Honestly, having your own "tribe" has proven to be one of the most essential values I gained from being a part of masterminds while I was running my agency. It is one of the things I wish I had started participating in sooner!

And then of course, you are also getting a coach.

In fact, I am certain that no other mastermind for Digital Agency Owners that is facilitated by an experienced coach, has a price point that is this affordable. It's almost a no brainer.

If you're interested in learning more, book a call below and let's chat. I am certain you will get loads of value from this.

Since I'm just opening this up to the public (my Private Clients get this for free of course) I'm offering it at a ridiculously low price. About 1/10th the investment of other masterminds run by coaches.